Quieter. Smarter. Innovative. The new iQ2000 inverter generator lets you bring power wherever life takes you. From tailgating parties to camping trips and beyond. Find out why packing one for your next expedition is such a smart move.

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Quiet Power
The iQ2000 uses a different type of alternator than standard generators. A digital inverter module converts the raw power produced from DC to AC power. Engine speed varies depending on electrical demand — which significantly reduces noise levels.

Avoid Surprises
The run-time remaining display shows how long before you need to refuel — at a glance. No more guesswork or running out when you least expect it.

Know Your Limits
The exclusive Powerbar™ monitors and instantly displays the wattage you’re producing at the moment. So you’ll always know how much capacity you have.

Stay Informed
Generator status indicators alert you to low fuel, low oil, overload or overheating. Simply brilliant.

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